Our Story



CHIDO was founded by designer Chido Dimairo with the intention to share her unique cross - cultural upbringing.

The visual persona of CHIDO designs marry bold textiles and simple silhouettes, playing on the contrasts and balance between quiet and loud visual elements. CHIDO embodies and celebrates the beauty of individualism, with a constant focus on producing ethical and affordable luxury garments.


Chido Dimairo is a young fashion designer who was born in Zimbabwe and later moved to grow up in New Zealand. Her experiences growing up and encountering a variety of cultures has resulted in her unique design aesthetic. During her time in Zimbabwe, she was surrounded by a variety of arts and traditional crafts and it was here where she realised her love for art, more specifically; textiles. At the age of 10 she moved to New Zealand and it is here that she discovered her love for fashion design.

Chido graduated from Massey University with a BA(Hons) Fashion Design degree. Whilst obtaining her degree she was able to develop her design and construction skills. As a designer she draws inspiration from her cross cultural upbringing, producing garments that are bold, detailed and colourful. Her works show that harmonious identities can develop from cross- cultural experiences